Our vision here at GreenBike Electric Motion has always been clear. Every year the environmental reporting we hear seems to get worse and worse, and sadly seemingly ignored. Not at GreenBike. When we succeed at our goal of having E-Bikes in every home, we will  decrease harmful pollutants and exhausts emitted by gasoline vehicles drastically. At GreenBike Electric Motion every bike we place is an investment in our customers. Every time you ride your GreenBike you reduce your carbon footprint; after using an E-Bike for just one month instead of a car, you will have prevented more than 3 tons of harmful gas pollution. 

That is why we partnered with Klarna! A new age financing company making it possible for you to afford an e-bike through unique payment plan options. For less than $2.00 a day, and 0.00% APR you can join the revolution too!